Call for proposals has closed. Stay tuned for more updates on the Summit schedule!

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The 6th HOT Summit has gone virtual! We will be holding a one-day event across several time zones on Friday, December 4th in conjunction with the Understanding Risk conference.

We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary of using OpenStreetMap to help our partners save and improve lives. This year’s Summit will focus on the theme of HOT’s past, present, and future. The success of the past ten years has only been possible through the collaboration of this dedicated community around the world. In that spirit, we’re planning for a Summit event that is both collaborative and engaging. We want to hear about the challenges, successes, failures, and new ideas in formats that allow everyone to contribute to the conversation in this new virtual format. To do so, we’re adding new session formats that we have enjoyed in other conferences, as well as keeping a few classics.

Failfest: Your chance to present the usually less discussed failures: potentials and pitfalls when limitations are pushed and lessons learned in leadership, innovation, and project management, as well as risk-taking. (5-15 minutes)

Ignite/lightning talk: Quick presentations about your inspiring topic, project or tool, the related challenges addressed, expected impact, and future steps. We’re really excited to hear talks that not only look at current projects and tools, but talks that look at past impacts as well as visions for the future. (5 minutes)

Debate: As a collaborative community, we have a lot of ideas and opinions. Debates are a great opportunity for hashing out these ideas IRL. After the success of last year’s Summit debate on Mapathons, we welcome ideas for other debates. Propose an idea for a debate topic that you think will spark the community into discussion and we’ll help you find a panel of debaters. (45 minutes)

Dialogue: An interactive presentation with discussion questions for the audience (15-20 min)

We look forward to seeing each of you (virtually) on December 4th!