02:00 UTC

Opening Remarks/Keynote

The Value of Partnerships and Inclusive Tech

Roshni Venkatesh – Accenture

02:30 UTC


LGBT Communities and the Unmapped Philippines

Mikko Tamura – MapBeks

02:50 UTC

Lightning Talk

The State of OSM Data in Indonesia: Then, Now, and Future

Adityo Dwijananto – HOT ID

02:58 UTC

Lightning Talk

Mapping the Map in Japan

Kuniharu Higano & Ayako Takahashi – YouthMappersAGU

03:06 UTC

Lightning Talk

OSM Adda: Virtually training and engaging mappers in Nepal

Angela Tamrakar – Youth Innovation Lab

03:13 UTC


An homage to the projects of #map2020

Edoardo Neerhut – Mapillary

03:33 UTC


Observe - offline, cross-platform field editor for OSM

Sajjad Anwar – Development Seed

03:53 UTC

Video Message

Greetings from backers of HOT's Audacious Vision: ELMA Foundation and Rippleworks

04:00 UTC

Lightning Talk

HOT OSM and Indian Community

Ark Arjurn

04:07 UTC

Lightning Talk

Mapping to support COVID-19 response in Mongolia

Erdenetsogt Sumiyasuren – Public Lab Mongolia

04:15 UTC


Inspiring Youths to Map Nepal: Challenges, Successes, Lessons Learned and Way Forward

Saurav Gautam – YouthMappers

04:30 UTC

Closing Remarks

Tyler Radford, Executive Director at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

10:00 UTC

Opening Remarks/Keynote

Keynote Speaker

Miriam Gonzalez – HOT Board President & Claire Melamed – CEO of Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

10:20 UTC


Kenya Covid Tracker: Tracking Covid-19 cases and resources in informal settlements

Zacharia Muindi – Map Kibera

10:40 UTC

Lightning Talk

How we responded to Covid-19 Pandemic by Mapping Uganda Border Towns with HOT Rapid Response Microgrant

Samson Ngumenawe – MapUganda

Lightning Talk

Assessing Women Empowerment Needs Using Open Data And GeoSpatial Skills: Implications for SDGs in Nigeria

Victor Sunday – Unique Mappers Network Nigeria

10:48 UTC

Lightning Talk

Mapping Emergency Health Services in Senegal

Mark Herringer – The Global Healthsites Mapping Project

Lightning Talk

Volunteer Activation and Creating Documentation

Oguzhan Er-Yer Cizenler

10:55 UTC

Lightning Talk

OpenStreetMap for healthcare access

Marcel Reinmuth – University Heidelberg

Lightning Talk

Dashboard to monitor spatial data quality compliance of OpenStreetMap for humanitarian action

Muhammad Saleem – Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente

11:02 UTC

Lightning Talk

MapUganda a Drone tech OSM Community in Uganda

Deo Kiggudde – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Lightning Talk

[French Session] Community use of map data in Nord-Kivu

Bienvenu Muluba & Jackson Mumbere Kombi – HOT/OSM DRC

11:10 UTC


Kontur Population Dataset & feedback session

Darafei Praliaskouski & Tatsiana Karvat – Kontur

11:30 UTC


Mapping for Peace: Unite Maps initiative challenges

Michael Montani & Diego Gonzalez Ferreiro – United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC)


Overcoming barriers to sustainable OpenStreetMap communities

Geoffrey Kateregga – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Community Working Group

11:50 UTC

Video Message

Greetings from backers of HOT's Audacious Vision: ELMA Foundation and Rippleworks

11:55 UTC

(Extended) Dialogue

Beyond the mapathon: Considering the Sustainability of community engagement and data production in humanitarian mapping activities

Hannah Ker – MapAction , Geoffrey Kateregga – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team & Benjamin Herfort – HeiGIT

Lightning Talk

Building a Mapping Community in South Sudan

Micheal Yani – OpenStreetMap Community South Sudan

12:03 UTC

Lightning Talk

Developing a web map repository of Kampala's Informal Settlements: Kawempe Division

Solomon Kica – Resilience Mappers

12:10 UTC

Lightning Talk

Mapping to improve planning for access to water

Herry Kasunga – Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania

12:18 UTC

Lightning Talk

HOT Data Quality Internship: results and prespectives of a collaborative project

Federica Gaspari – Politecnico di Milano

Lightning Talk

International Mapping Partnership Rome-Hargeisa 2020 Geoportal of Hargeisa

Valerio De Luca & Giuseppe Maria Battisti – Map For Future

12:25 UTC


Adjusting our refugee site mapping standardization strategy in compliance with good OSM practices: the experience of one tag proposal

Manon Viou – CartONG


Sierra Leone: Reviving and Expanding the OSM Community in Sierra Leone & Supports to keep communities alive

Tommy Charles – OpenStreetMap

12:40 UTC

Closing Remarks/Keynote

Keynote Speaker

Angela Oduor Lungati – Executive Director at Ushahidi & Tyler Radford – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

15:00 UTC

Opening Remarks/Keynote

Keynote Speaker

Emily Jacobi – Executive Director of Digital Democracy

15:20 UTC


OSM and ArcGIS

Olivier Cottray & Ryan Lanclos – ESRI


SIGenBici: a collaborative mapping project of cycling infrastructure in Medellin, Colombia

Natalia da Silveria Arruda – Universidad de Antioquia

15:40 UTC


Damage Assessment

Cristiano Giovando, Marc van den Homberg, Antoni Ros Martinez & Kyriacos Koupparis – Netherlands Red Cross 510, REACH Impact Initiatives, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team & WFP


Geospatial Ethics, Philanthropy, Politics of Representation

Rupert Allan, Deo Kiggudde & Erica Hagen – Missing Maps & Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

16:05 UTC


Map With AI: Past, Present, and Future

Jeff Underwood & Yunzhi Lin – Facebook


Ethical Geography and Humanitarian Mapping

Erica Hagen – Map Kibera/GroundTruth Initiative

16:25 UTC


The Future of Mapping Land Rights and Resources

Katie Pickett – Cadasta Foundation


OSM Mapping as a Critical Data Literacy Instruction Tool

Bethany McGowan – Purdue University

16:44 UTC

Video Message

Greetings from backers of HOT's Audacious Vision: ELMA Foundation and Rippleworks

16:50 UTC

Lightning Talk

Mapping against wildfires in Bolivia [HOT 2020 Micrograntee]

Leon Lizon – Practical Action

Lightning Talk

OSM Contribution 101: Contributing to OpenStreetMap beyond mapping

Laura Mugeha – YouthMappers

16:57 UTC

Lightning Talk

Open Data for Disaster Response

Madison Musgrave – Maxar Technologies

Lightning Talk

Getting the best of COVID-19 for Data

Kazeem Owolabi – Humanitarian Mappers

17:05 UTC

Lightning Talk

Cities Covid Mitigation Mapping

Laura Cline – U.S. Department of State (MapGive initiative)

Lightning Talk

Mapping the Trash Value Chain

Chad Blevins – Critigen-Trashsites

17:12 UTC

Lightning Talk

User-Centric Design for Open Source Mapping Tools

Jian He

Lightning Talk

Beyond the Mapathon - The Future of Volunteering at HOT

Anna Teach & Edgar Lemus Pablo – Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

17:20 UTC


An Incomplete History of HOT, Part 2

Mikel Maron & Kate Chapman


MapImpact: University students developing mapping projects in times of pandemic

Regina Campos Ccarhuarupay, Marian Manga, Ana Lucero Cjuiro, Rossy Condori, Macarena Suca & Cristian Morveli – GAL Center

17:40 UTC

Closing Remarks/Keynote

Keynote Speaker

George Roter – Expert-in-Residence at Rippleworks & Tyler Radford – Executive Director at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team